Return on investment – Grandness and Importance of Return on Investment

It is very important when looking at a website solution for your business that your ROI is well looked after and is made a priority. 4 life lines that can not exist without the other is listed here below, to gain the ROI that equals success. Make time to the fullest to understand each one’s grandness and observe that altogether 4 factors are depended off another.

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First of all allow me explicate wherefore Return On Investment (ROI) is so important when you have or need a website presence for your business. Having the best looking website that operates 110%, but does not earn you the money back you spent and more, is just an endless expense? Every businessman or businesswoman wants to come through in earning a substantial revenue for all their efforts, right?

This is the major trouble with most eager business concern owners these days; they do not always embrace the powerfulness of Internet Marketing and having a fully net profit devising Cyberspace front, the ones that do confer with the first web designing company or web designer they come up across that looks hopeful, not realising all the factors that come in to bid when ensuring your business sector a terrific ROI.

I cannot stress this point enough “ROI Success comes with concentrated work and intensive research and utilising the right services, the right way”.

Ok enough of that, let me come down to the 4 key factors building a successful eternal ROI campaign.


First of all before we can start with any of the factors we need to create/build/develop/sustain a website right? So what is CMS and SEO and why do I combine them together as one factor? Well because I see both as a industry measure when it comes to any cost efficient, successful determined web site, I do not consider the one can function without the other.


Content Management System, as the name says; a system that manages content, where the keyword is content. Content is what it is all about. As you know by now Google is the leading search engine and generates about 70% of the Internet’s traffic. Yahoo and MSN is 2nd and 3rd and they always follow Google’s lead. Meaning whomever is deemed a first page ranker by Google, is so by default most of the times also by Yahoo and MSN. Saying this Google loves content, rich content, relative content, professional copy written content, lots of newly updated content and most of all original content.

Benefits of CMS

  1. You can easily create your own articles, maintain and update your own website. Setting up a CMS based website is really fast after all the content is compiled and categories, sections, components, menus and modules are setup.
  2. 3rd party components make it easy for any sought after interactive features like, polls, community building, podcasts, forums, forms and so many more.
  3. Whether you want a simple site or a more complex site there is really no limits.
  4. With your backend you can see various reports and it is very user friendly. More than one user can be added with certain permissions to administrate the site or just be able to maintain, update and add content.
  5. Save money paying webmasters to update your content and have full control.


Search Engine Optimization the most crucial building block of any website. It does not help you have a website but it is not visible to others and you are not getting the required traffic. There are many factors that are needed for SEO to be advantageous to the business owner.

Google Adwords

This is by far the best and only Pay Per Click platform I believe in. By using Google Adwords correctly you can be guaranteed traffic immediately to your site, even if your site is still fairly new. I have to say from the beginning though that many people that use Google Adwords start off completely wrong and end up paying high bid rates on clicks and their CTR (Click Through Rates) are low, doing more damage to their Google Pagerank than good.

Make sure you understand and invest in some good quality ebooks covering the basics and the secrets to a successful Google Adwords campaign. If you use a company to do this for you make sure they are a qualified Google Adwords Professional like we are. For some examples of what ROI you can expect from Google Adwords, please look at the slidecast below.

Google Adsense

Your website is up and running and SEO has been done, your Google Adwords campaign is optimised, bringing you the desired amount of traffic and conversions. So what next? Why not make some extra money to cover your monthly website expenses and more by advertising on your website. That is what Google Adsense is all about.

Topic related advertisements can be added to your website pages, while filtering out your competition or any ads you do not desire. So there is only a win win result.

Google Analytics

Ok so now we have three of the four primal factors up and functional correctly, what is the final stage and also very crucial ingredient to guarantee a profitable ROI campaign? Google Analytics. First of all its incorporated with Google Adwords and Google Adsense to ensure proper reports. Google Analytics tell you exactly how many visitors and from where the visitors originated from. It also tells you what pages are viewed most often and for how long.

It also tells you for what keywords visitors originated from and also in detail geographical. One can do split testing to see what pages and content needs to be modified or changed to ensure a higher click through rate with greater conversions. The all together tests and reports covered by Google Analytics, knows no end and is a building foundation for any ROI campaign.