Rewarding blackmailers and extortionists for defaming obc engineer

Fraud officials in the indian internet sector have developed a very cheap and cunning way of ruining the reputation of an obc engineer, They will stalk, terrify, discriminate against and then steal the retirement savings of the obc engineer abusing their powers, without a court order.

Then they will reward every person who will make false accusations without proof, against the innocent obc engineer with her hard earned money, without the permission of the obc engineer. They will advertise their reward program for defaming the innocent obc engineer all over India, to encourage everyone to make false accusations to earn some quick money,
When a large number of people have received rewards for making false accusations without proof, they will use these false accusations for justifying the denial of fundamental rights to the innocent harmless obc engineer, diverting her correspondence, emails, smses.

These officials can coveniently remain anonymous, falsely claiming national security matters are involved, making it difficult for the obc engineer to find out the fraud officials who have been taking decisions on her behalf, without giving her a chance to defend herself. Who are these officials to take decisions regarding the innocence, hard earned money of the obc engineer, a stranger to them ?

If these officials are making wrong decisions, wasting her hard earned money on greedy frauds and blackmailers , why should the obc engineer suffer? these officials get a pension, why are they allowed to waste her retirement savings? Why has the obc engineer not been given a chance to take her own decisions, to find out who are making false accusations against her, so that she can take legal action against the blackmailers ?

Human rights abuses on OBC engineer on 16 april 2015

India may be one of the poorest countries in the world, yet due to the extremely poor systems, infinite tax payer money and governmemt resources will be wasted to commit human rights abuses on a brilliant harmless innocent OBC engineer out of hatred, instead of helping the many poor farmers who commit suicide because they do not get help .

Today 16 April 2015 in the morning at 9.30 am, the obc engineer was subjected to a brutal attack causing great pain in Panaji, goa , as the cruel cowardly officials who want to steal her resume for the lazy greedy cheater goan call girls diploma holder siddhi mandrekar,obc call girl sunaina, who provide FREE SEX to these officials, brahmin cheaters riddhi, nayanshree hathwar and other cheaters. these fraud officials will never have the courage or honesty to justify why they attacking a harmless OBC civilian in an open debate yet hide like spineless cruel inhuman cowards behind government computers and have no one to regulate or monitor their activities,

The mobile phone was probably used to track the obc engineer and attack her to cause great pain, she was forced to switch off the mobile phone to prevent further attack. She continued to be in pain for nearly 12 hours after the attack, which has caused a severe headache. Any lawyer, human rights activist or womans right activist who has the courage to help the harmless innocent OBc engineer can send an email to

How OBC call girl sunaina bribed officials with free sex

Cunning lazy greedy OBC call girl slim bsc sunaina took advantage of the hatred of powerful officials in the indian internet sector for a brilliant hardworking obc engineer, bribed them with free sex to steal the resume of the experienced obc engineer to get the mediocre inexperienced fraud call girl sunaina an important governmment job. These officials were so happy that the call girl sunaina half their age was sleeping with them for free that they falsely claimed that the call girl sunaina was their engineering college classmate from a top engineering college, with twenty years experience.
They also falsely claimed that the call girl sunaina was a major domain investor, ebay seller, to defame the brilliant obc engineer, when she had not spent a single paisa on domain names, and does not even have an ebay account. Now these fraud officials who falsely claim to be very honest are not willing to reverse the position they have fraudulently appointed the obc call girl sunaina to,.

Human rights abuses on OBC engineer on April 11, 2015

As powerful cruel fraud officials try to steal the resume of an OBC single woman engineer, webmaster, domain investor and online exporter for their mediocre lazy greedy cheater BRAHMIN relatives and friends like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, siddhi and call girls like sunaina, the daily human rights abuses continue on her in Goa . These greedy well connected women do not to work hard for their engineering degree, experience, rely on their cowardly cruel relatives and friends to exploit a single obc woman

Today till 18.28 hours there have been at least 3 very severe attacks on the harmless civilian OBC engineer in her home without a valid reason, as some cruel cowardly creatures try to cover their FRAUD OF RESUME THEFT for their mediocre cheater friends. At 1700 hrs the attack was very severe, no one could stay in the room. At 18.00 hours also there was another attack. In the morning also there was another attack causing great pain .

As usual the cowardly cruel animals will not have the courage to justify the attack and waste of tax payer money in an open debate, Daily these human rights atrocities on a harmless OBC engineer will be documented to show the cruelty, inhumanity, greed and fraud of the shameless spineless criminals who have a high status in India society

Hearing voices

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