Tata, google’s hitech torture of harmless citizens force offline work

The cruel criminal sex animal government employees kept as pets by corporates allegedly google, tata are ruthless in torturing harmless indian laptop users to cover up their sex, cheating for R&AW/CBI jobs causing great pain whenever a file is saved on the laptop. So naturally the harmless indian citizen being tortured by cruel criminal sex animal indian government employee pets of google, tata especially in panaji, goa will try to evade these sex animal government employees.
The sophisticated ntro equipment is being used extensively by the sex animal pet government employees, they do not have the necessary technology to track offline work on paper accurately.
So instead of keeping financial records on the computer and being tortured every time a file is being saved, it is better to keep the records offline in notebooks, where the citizens will not be tortured for doing work. Increasingly more people are getting notebooks for keeping records, especially in goa as they realize that there is nothing indian citizens can do against the ntro officials who are stealing data.

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