A Spot Of Linkbaiting Will Help You Reel In Potential Customers (Part 1)

Linkbaiting is just a technique, not a strategy as it involves coming up with web content for the specific and primary reason of getting links directed to your website. There are of course other areas where linkbait can be useful, but ultimately it’s about links.

Because Google have made getting links pointed to your site absolutely vital for ranking in their search engine, it is imperative to gain quality links and the greater the number the better. Some websites buy links from other websites, but Google have said they will take action against manipulation of the search ranking through the purchase of links, although things get a little fuzzy though when you start defining what it is to actually “buy a link”. Suffice it to say, buying links has its particular problems which we can discuss in another blog post.

Which is why linkbait can give you an edge in your online marketing strategy. If you are seriously considering a reduction in your PPC spend, but at the same time you would love to give your organic listings a boost, then linkfait is definitely something you should be looking into.

This sounds great, but hold off for a while as there are some serious issues to consider.

What is linkbait really about?

Linkbaiting is about getting other people to do something, it’s about persuading them to link to the web content you want them to.

It’s less to do with programming and search engine optimisation and more to do with publishing. A specific kind of publishing that straddles tabloid newspapers, billboard advertising, the front covers of popular magazines and if you are of a certain generation, the album covers of long playing records. I can hear young 20 something’s a bit confused and thinking, “but I thought all music came out of an iPhone”.


It’s about getting attention, users of the World Wide Web tend to surf at the speed of thought and at any one instance they have to ability to go anywhere else on the web in a few clicks. What you need to do is get them to pay attention by stopping them in their tracks and taking in what you are offering. A well thought out headline will do this, but it is also important to have domain context and niche relativity.

You really need to engage a company who are passionate about their web design and SEO. Get this right and you are on your way to running a successful website.