Top Gold Mining Stocks To Buy

For a long time gold has been regarded as a safe investment even during moments of market upheaval. The way investors get a piece of the cake is by buying the stocks of the companies that engage in gold exploration and mining. The following are the top gold mining stocks that as an investor you might want to consider.

1. Equinox Gold Corporation

This Canada-based mining company operating within America is one of the companies that has one of the best gold mining stocks for your consideration. The Company boasts of seven gold mines across Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and Brazil. According to new information, the company is poised to achieve an annual gold production of way over one million ounces of gold.

2. Torex Gold Resources Inc.

The Torex Gold Resources is touted as an intermediate gold producer as it engages in the development, exploration, and operation of its a hundred-percent owned by Morelos Gold Property that is composed of about 30,000 hectares in Mexico in the Guerrero Gold Belt.

3. Calibre Mining Corp.

This Canada-based gold producer operates manu mines in Nicaragua and Nevada. Recently, the gold mining giant announced that it had acquired Fiore Gold Ltd. The company also announced recently that it has plans to acquire Fiore Gold via a stock-and-cash transaction.

4. Dundee Precious Metals Inc.

This is a Canada-based int’l mining company that is engaged in the exploration, acquisition, development, processing, as well as mining of precious metals. The company boasts of three principal subsidiaries and is in the process of developing gold property in Bulgaria.

5. Argonaut Gold Inc

This is a Canada-based company engaging in development, exploration, and production of the precious mineral. The company has shares in the trade OTC in the United States under the ARNGF ticker symbbol.


With the enumerated companies, it is easier for investors to decide on the right gold stocks to acquire.